The Mini Project Contest for the Design and Development of Cosmetic Products for Skin and Hair Care, Academic Year 2020

Category: CosSci-กิจกรรมสำนักวิชา

On December 28th, the School of Cosmetic Science, Mae Fah Luang University organized activities to promote active learning for undergraduate students in cosmetic science courses through the Mini Project contest for the design and development of cosmetic products for skin and hair care which is involved in the courses of Cosmetic Science for Skin Care and Cosmetic Science for Hair and Nail Care. The event was held at Room 618, Building E4, 8.30 am - 5.00 pm.

    The atmosphere of the event was filled with knowledge, fun and creativity in the design and development of modern and beautiful cosmetic products. By the student team's performance evaluation in the contest, we were honored by experienced and expert committee as the judges, namely Ms. Rossukon Senjuntichai, the Managing Director of Skin Together Company Ltd., and Ms. Panyawat Angsuwattananon, the Manager of International Laboratories Corporation Ltd., together with the Dean, Assistant Professor Dr. Phanupong Chaiwut and the instructors who taught in the aforementioned courses.

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