Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science

Degree Academic Programme Plan Class Length of Programme
M.Sc. Cosmetic Science A1, A2, B Mon-Fri 2 Years

Constructivist Theory is used as an important foundation for developing this program. The concepts of social constructivism and cognitive constructivism are combined to help students assimilate new information into their existing knowledge and to enable them to make the necessary adjustments to their existing intellectual framework. Problem-based learning is crucial to teaching and learning management by using complicated real-world issues to enhance their critical thinking to solve the problem through instructor support and interaction with others.

1. To develop graduates who can integrate knowledge and apply technology in research and development cosmetic products and the related fields

2. To develop graduates who can manage knowledge in cosmetic sciences knowledge for business

3. To develop graduates who have ethical behavior for work and research

4. To develop graduates who have professional performances in multicultural society

1. School of cosmetic science was the first institution offering cosmetic science programme in Thailand, thus, the school is well known in term of strong academic, research, innovation and application in cosmetic business.

2. The school staff creates knowledge and innovation in order to strengthen the community and construct the foundation of the Thai cosmetic industry and beauty business towards sustainable development as well as to promote the conservation of national arts and culture.

3. Our program provides chances for entrepreneurs in cosmetic industry who graduated their bachelor degree in a field unrelated to any science discipline. Our program differentiates itself by the high level of support provided to students throughout from application to graduation. Also our program provides essential science for cosmetic formulator and topics lacking in other programs such as research methodology and cosmetic entrepreneurship.

4. The staff create a number of cosmetic innovations which are readily for industrial uses in term of pretty patent and patent. This encourage close relationship between our program and cosmetic industries. The staff can also update the teaching resouces by using the innovation they creating by themselve.

1. Researcher and developer in cosmetic companies

2. Cosmetic entrepreneur

3. Academician or scholar in cosmetics

4. Consultant for research and production in cosmetics

5. Cosmetic-related occupations

Domains of Learning outcomes


1. Demonstrate ethical behavior for research

PLO1 Demonstrate ethical behavior for research

PLO2 Develop cosmetic products based on regulatory requirements

PLO3 Follow the guideline for cosmetic advertising

2. Describe and connect knowledges in cosmetic science and other related fields in research and development of cosmetic products for commercialization.

PLO4 Describe knowledge in cosmetic science and the related fields

PLO5 Describe knowledge of research and cosmetic product Development

PLO6 Explain knowledge management for cosmetic science

PLO7 Describe connection between the cosmetic science knowledge and other related field.

3. Research and develop cosmetic products using integrative knowledges and commercialize the developed products.

PLO8 Implement cosmetic formulation in laboratory scale.

PLO9 Demonstrate knowledge integration in cosmetic formulation.

PLO10 Formulate cosmetic products that can be commercial launch.

4. Demonstrate adaptive behaviors and work with others in multicultural society

PLO11 Demonstrate responsibility for assigned tasks.

PLO12 Assume responsibility for assigned roles

PLO13 Demonstrate adaptive behaviors

5. Demonstrate ability to search for cosmetic science knowledge and communicate in situations pertinent to academic and professional contexts.

PLO14 Demonstrate ability to search for body of knowledge from quality sources of information and synthesize main ideas from search results

PLO15 Use information technology to search, collect, process and present information efficiently and appropriately for the situation.

PLO16 Communicate effectively in a range of situations pertinent to academic and professional contexts

6. Manage cosmetic science knowledge to support cosmetic business.

PLO17 Possess management conceptual framework.

PLO18 Integrate management principles with product Development.

PLO19 Design knowledge management in cosmetic science.

PLO20 Manage the cosmetic science knowledge.

For International Students

  • Plan A1, B:
    • 71,500 Baht per semester
    • 286,000 Baht per programme 

For Thai Students

  • Plan A1, B:
    • 55,000 Baht per semester
    • 220,000 Baht per programme 

Programme Structure of Master of Science Programme in Cosmetic Science