Bachelor of Science Program in Beauty Technology

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.Sc. Beauty Technology 4 Years


Educational's Philosophy
"Integrative learning for competent implementation" 

Programme’s Philosophy
The beauty business of the country has a tendency to grow continuously and expand to cover consumers of all ages. Beauty technology is an interdisciplinary field which comprises the fundamental science, the aesthetic science in body treatment and beauty promotion, the science-based safe application of aesthetics and technology, and the marketing of business and beauty services. Therefore, the preparation of beauty technology personnel to be proficient and keep up with the relevant technology is absolutely necessary to support the growth of beauty business and services. The program uses the concept of cognitive constructivism as a key foundation for curriculum design and development. Based on the concept, it believes that the creation of knowledge is a process that begins with learners and arises from the integration of experiences, which the learners have encountered around them or new information acquired to connect with existing knowledge resulting in integration to create their own understanding or cognitive structure. Thus, this concept is an important principle applied in the teaching and learning process by focusing on the learners in real situations as well as finding the problem solutions on their own ability and/or with the support of instructors.

Therefore, the program aims to produce graduates with competence and skills in beauty services, body treatments, personality development, beauty improvement, holistic health care, application of beauty technology, research, business operations, marketing and related regulations, and appropriate beauty consultation. Moreover, the graduates have adaptability to work in multicultural society through mechanisms of professional experience and beauty business entrepreneurs to drive beauty business and services to continuously grow.

The program aims to produce graduates who adhere to discipline and honesty in the profession, have knowledge and understanding of beauty science and related technology, with skills to provide beauty service based on principle and safe application. The graduates are expected to integrate beauty technology knowledge and related sciences for service and research development, perform searching skills, numerical analyzing skills, communication skills and skills in using technology for presentation, adaptability to work efficiently with others in a multicultural society, and express personality and skills for providing service and managing beauty business.

1. The program is the first educational program to offer a B.Sc. degree (Beauty Technology) in Thailand and uses English language for teaching.
2. The program has a strong connection with governments and other organizations which are related to beauty technology.
3. The program has a dedicated laboratory and necessary tools and modern equipment which are used as teaching materials.
4. The program emphasizes producing graduates to have expertise in the development of individual personalities and beauty for 
supporting high-growth of beauty business and services. 

1.    A professional worker in beauty and spa establishments, cosmetic companies, skin clinics, beauty service centers, and beauty care centers, etc.
2.    An expert and consultant for beauty products, services and holistic health
3.    A marketer in beauty and wellness businesses
4.    An entrepreneur in beauty related businesses
5.    An educator in science and beauty technology

Domain of Learning


1. Express discipline and honesty for profession

PLO 1. Follow discipline according the rules and regulation

PLO 2. Follow honesty for working and profession

2. Discuss to relate the basic knowledge of science and other fields  related to beauty technology.

PLO 3. Describe basic scientific knowledge and related field in beauty technology

PLO 4. Criticize for the relation of related knowledge for practice in beauty technology

3. Integrate beauty technology knowledge and related fields for service and research development.

PLO 5. Correctly apply knowledge related science in beauty technology

PLO 6. Integrate knowledge for service and research in beauty technology

4. Express responsibility for collaboration skills and adaptability in multicultural society.

PLO 7. Execute for work responsibility and the collaboration skills

PLO 8. Adapt to multicultural society according to the situation

5. Perform skills for searching, numerical data analysis, communication, and use of technologies in beauty technology presentations.

PLO 9. Perform searching and numerical analytic skills in beauty technology

PLO 10. Show communication skill using Thai and foreign languages properly

PLO 11. Effectively perform the presentation skill in beauty technology

6. Express professional personalities for services and management skills for beauty business

PLO 12. Readily express manner and personality for beauty technology service and managing beauty business

PLO 13. Express skill in beauty business management

  • For International Students
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 364,000 Baht per programme
  • For Thai Students
    • 35,000 Baht per semester
    • 280,000 Baht per programme

  • Bachelor of Science Programme in Beauty Technology
  • Programme Structure 
    Total credits:                                   126     credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)
    1. General Education Course           30     credits
    2. Specific Requirement Course       90     credits 
    2.1 Core Course                               17     credits
    2.2 Major Required Course              64      credits
    2.3 Major Elective Course                   9     credits    
    3. Free Elective Course                       6     credits 

(Refer to Bachelor of Science Program Beauty Technology Year 2022)